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  • A large proportion of Iceland’s economic growth in recent years has come from the country’s financial sector and so the global financial crisis and collapse of Iceland’s three main banks in 2008 hit the country particularly hard.
  • Last year unemployment in the country peaked at 8.8 per cent, and Iceland’s gross domestic product fell by over 6 per cent. However, the UK continues to be one of Iceland’s largest suppliers and took a 4.4 per cent share of the country’s import market during 2008 - worth around £181m.
  • • The country’s main industries include:
  • • Fishing
  • • Non-ferrous metals
  • • Bio-technology
  • • Tourism
  • Whether you are involved with one of the many UK companies that do business in Iceland, or are a private individual who needs to get a package across to the Nordic country, Parcel2Go has a service that will fit your demands and suit your budget.
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  • So if you need to get a package delivered to Reykjavik, or any other part of Iceland, make sure you browse through Parcel2Go’s courier options and chose the right service for you.
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