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Bosnia y Hercegovina

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina declared independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1992 and whilst there was civil unrest a peace agreement was reached in 1995 that has helped to install a multi cultural government managing the country equally which has helped bring stability and in more recent years the GDP growth has been encouraging with international investment slowly beginning to take pace in the country.
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina’s core produce and industry is what has drawn interest from the foreign investors and these products are quite varied enough for many businesses including UK ones to take interest in the country:
  • Agriculture – Wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables, livestock
  • Mining – Coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, bauxite, oil refining
  • Manufacture – vehicle assembly, tank and aircraft assembly, textiles
  • Sending important business documents internationally to Bosnia & Herzegovina can be a potentially concerning prospect to some people who may not be familiar with sending parcels. The best way to do this without all of the hassles and worries of going to the post office is to use Parcel2Go.
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  • Also once the delivery has been completed then there will be electronic proof of delivery available to prove your parcel was delivered successfully to the intended recipient.
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