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  • Due to the authoritarian rule of Alexander Lukashenko and the country’s tendency to intervene in the affairs of private companies, Britain does not have a major trade partnership with Belarus. State controls have proved to be a barrier to entry for many foreign companies. The Eastern European country has however retained close ties with Russia, despite becoming independent following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • The country continues to rely heavily on Russia as a trading partner and figures from 2006 show almost half of all Belarus’ trade was between the two countries. In January 2010, a customs union was drawn up between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Belarus’ main industries include:
  • • Agriculture
  • • Manufacturing, and
  • • Construction
  • Although the UK has limited business links with Belarus, companies and individuals come to Parcel2Go on a regular basis in order to send consignments to the country. Sending packages by courier rather than the regular postal service is the preferred method of many people who want to guarantee their items will arrive in Minsk or Brest on time and in perfect condition.
  • On the other hand, if you have never been involved in shipping a parcel to Belarus before, then Parcel2Go is more than happy to run all new customers through the process. We have designed our website to be as simple to follow as possible, but if you still have questions or need advice, then we have a team of highly trained customer service advisors who will be pleased to offer assistance.
  • If you need an international courier capable of sending a parcel to Belarus then make sure you check out all the options available through Parcel2Go. Not only can you be sure of getting a great deal, but you’ll also be able to choose between the most respected parcel delivery companies in the world, who will make the safe delivery of your consignment their top priority.
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