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  • Andorra is one of the smaller countries in the EU; despite this it is still a popular tourist destination where 80% of the Gross Domestic Product is from the tourism industry, the principality has other industries present such as banking which has been drawn in no doubt due to the partial “tax haven” status Andorra has.
  • Despite there not being much arable land available for large scale food production there are still many other industries that contribute to Andorra’s wealth such as the following:
  • • Cattle and Sheep raising
  • • Timber
  • • Tobacco
  • • Furniture
  • • Small amounts of Rye, Wheat, Barley, Oats and Vegetables.
  • With tourism, especially skiing holidays being particularly popular in Andorra a lot of British tourists travel to Andorra with some people even moving there or taking ski instructing jobs for a few months or longer. If you have any need to send a parcel to Andorra such as a family member’s birthday then you want to make sure they arrive safely and quickly.
  • This is why Parcel2Go is the best choice for sending items to Andorra or anywhere else in the world. We have a selection of the best parcel delivery companies and couriers such as FedEx, UPS and TNT all of which deliver to your chosen destination and can ensure a quick and safe service.
  • With tracking information available online these companies will be able to provide you the reassurance you may need for such a long distance delivery. This tracking information can be used by the sender or recipient to see where the parcel is, as well as electronic proof of delivery.
  • If you have any questions with regards to parcel delivery, packaging or any of the services we offer contact our customer care team or read our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page on our website.
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